website-optimisationWebsite Optimisation

Firstly let’s make something clear; Website optimisation is different than Search Engine Optimisation.

So what is Website Optimisation?

Website Optimisation will mean different things to different people but to Evoweb Studio it’s another integral part of creating a successful website. Where as SEO is about website content and credibility Website optimisation is about making a website experience faster, slicker and above all a better user experience. Our approach to this is very much the same as we would deal with an SEO Strategy and the starting point is Analytics.

Analyzing your website performance and user experience will help us to understand potential flaws in layout or application errors. We will be looking for areas of your website which have high bounce rates, low CTR or pages which produce errors. Once this analysis is complete we will have a good starting point to look at how we can improve your website.

But will it make any difference?

In this digital age users don’t expect to have to wait for anything so speed is a key factor in any successful website. Something as simple as a missing index in your database design could be the reason a web page takes 15 seconds to load instead of 1 second.

Now you may be thinking that surely if we are only talking about seconds then it isn’t that important? Well you couldn’t be more wrong.

With evidence that users won’t wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load before deciding to go to a different website, and with faster websites linked to better Search Engine results it soon becomes apparent how important this is.

There are other things too which could be effecting performance - image size and quality, webpage structure, broken links and so on. By looking deep within the inner workings of your website we are able to advise on application optimisation, page structure, validation and general website functionality. Addressing all this will improve website performance, user experience, increase ROI and have positive results with SEO.

Call Evoweb Studio - Aberdeen Website Optimisation professionals, to discuss how we can help your website achieve its full potential.

Premium Optimisation

  • 20 Pages Optimised
  • Speed Test Report
  • Page Error Report
  • Compression Report
  • 20 Images Analyzed
  • Recommendation Report
  • 4 Hours Optimisation

Only £150

Standard Optimisation

  • 10 Pages Optimised
  • Speed Test Report
  • Page Error Report
  • Compression Report
  • 10 Images Analyzed
  • Recommendation Report
  • 2 Hours Optimisation

Only £100