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We offer quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services throughout Aberdeen and the UK. Working within Google best practice SEO guidelines and having over a decade of experience our SEO Services deliver

  • More website visitors
  • Higher Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings
  • Improved customer experience
  • Converting more visitors to customers

Search Engine Optimisation Aberdeen

Search Engine’s such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly trying to improve their search engine results, more accurate results mean a better user experience. But how will we get your website ranked highly in Google?

Using keyword analysis, Search Engine Optimisation Aberdeen will identify the terms used when searching for products or services you offer.  Once we have identified the keywords and phrases, they need to be used so they work with Search Engine’s whilst giving an optimum user experience. Key areas of importance are things like page title, headings, bold text, and page content.

Only once all these areas have been keyword optimised will we think about other aspect of SEO such as link building and directory listings, often referred to as off page SEO.

Unfortunately there are no tricks or tools to secure consistently good search results. Despite what you may have been led to believe, only careful planning and a forward thinking Search Engine Optimisation Strategy will achieve consistently high rankings.

There are a vast amount of factors which should be considered when developing an SEO strategy, and SEO Aberdeen specialist EVOWEB STUDIO can help.

Internet Marketing Aberdeen

Internet Marketing is often used as another way to describe SEO. It would be unfair to say that internet marketing wasnt a form of SEO however, we like to keep things simple which is why when we at Evoweb Studio talk about internet marketing Aberdeen we are actually referring to Pay Per Click or sponsered advertising, as oposed to on page or off page search engine optimisation.

Pay Per Click or PPC is a method of advertising your services or products by paying to be listed. For example if you were an SEO expert based in Aberdeen, you could pay Google to be listed at the top of their search results page in the sponsored advertising section for the term SEO Aberdeen. This works by offering to pay Google a set amount of money every time someone clicks your advertisement whether they continue and buy something or not.

PPC is a great route to market and can generate good business but only when managed. Failure to manage your PPC campaign can see you spending thousands of pounds and getting zero return. For this reason we don’t believe PPC should be considered as a viable internet marketing strategy unless your website is search engine friendly.

Are you looking for a reliable trustworthy company to manage your PPC, call us today and see how Evoweb Studio can get your PPC campaign back on track?

In-depth SEO

The main goal of Search Engine optimisation is to promote your website to gain better Search Engine Listings. Some would argue that not every website needs SEO we however disagree. There are 2 forms of SEO: On-Page & Off-Page. Regardless of whether you are trying to improve your SER or not, implementing correct On-Page SEO techniques will have positive results with your website users making On-Page SEO an integral part of every online strategy.

Our objective is to give you the basic building blocks to enable you to give the best user experience to your customers / visitors. On-Page SEO is all about page content - keywords, images, headings links & titles etc. All WebPages should be designed for your customers needs and not with the sole purpose of improving SER’s.

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SEO Survey

FREE SEO AberdeenWhy not see how your website stacks up with one of our FREE Search Engine Optimisation Surveys. Designed to give you an insight into how your site is performing amongst the search engine results, we provided a one-time report outlining which keywords your site is currently targeting, your current inbound links, an overview of your site layout and structure, and our suggestions for improvement.

Order your free SEO Survey today and get your website working hard for your business!

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Search Engine Optimisation Solutions

For Optimum Search Engine visibility we have developed 3 simple to understand SEO Solutions. Developed to give your website maximum exposure and take the sting out if managing you internet marketing strategy.

Our SEO Solutions include regular reports consisting of - Keyword Analysis, Inbound Link Review, Layout Overview, Result Tracking, and Competitor Comparisons. In a simple monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly report you will be able to see how you’re SEO is working to drive more visitors to your website and how your website stacks up against your competitors.

With one of our SEO solutions you can be assured you’re doing everything you can to keep your website at the fore front of your market sector.

Premium SEO

  • 13 SEO Reports
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Inbound Link Analysis
  • Layout Overview
  • Result Tracking
  • Web Pages Included 20

Only £450

Standard SEO

  • 5 SEO Reports
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Inbound Link Analysis
  • Layout Overview
  • Web Pages Included 10

Only £300

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