IT & Internet Security - how SAFE are you?

Viruses, Spam, Hacking, Phishing – each one designed to cause disruption or steal data but what do you do?

Keeping your computers & network protected at all times can be a challenge, with malicious developers looking out new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in your systems. Only constant updates to Operating Systems, Virus Software, Firewall’s & Firmware can protect you in the battle against these digital threats.

Working with leading security solutions such as McAfee, Symantec, Sophos & Webroot we can help keep you protected against the ever increasing threats. Working closely with companies like Webroot we are able to bring you the latest end point security taking your network security to new levels.

Because of our expertise in all aspects of IT systems including, Servers, PC’s, Laptop’s, Tablet’s, Firewall’s, Routers & Wireless we are the perfect IT Solutions Partner for your network security.

To discuss your IT Security Requirements call us on 01467 207 007 where we can advise you in the following area’s:

  • Is my anti-virus software up to date and working?
  • Are my operating systems up to date & security patched?
  • Is my business software secure?
  • Are we secure from internal (employee) security breaches?
  • Should my data be encrypted?
  • Can I store customer’s personal details such as credit card numbers?
  • Do we know what to do in the event of a security breach?