Remote Support

Remote IT Support

No matter where you are Remote Support enables Evoweb Studio (with your permission) to connect to your computer or server over the internet. This allows us to maintain & support many IT tasks fast.

Our experienced team can remotely connect & take control of your computer whilst you’re on the phone. This means you can talk through your current IT problems whilst watching us operate and fix your computer. IT issues arey quicklresolved whilst you relax and watch what we do, often giving you a new found knowledge and confidence which enables you to fix or prevent future problems.

Because the only pre-requisite for Remote Support is having internet access, it doesn’t matter where you are, or how remote the location you're in. That’s no more waiting for several days before an engineer can visit and it also keeps support costs down as you don't have to pay an engineer callout fee.

Having IT problems now? Give us a call on 01467 207 007.