Typical SMB Network Solution

A Typical SMB Network Solution for 5 users with the potential to support up to 25 users as your business grows would take approximately 2 weeks to complete from an order being placed. We typicaly allow 1 week for equipment to be delivered from our suppliers and 1 week to perform the configuration, Installation & handover.

All our network solutions come with a plain English guide to aid in routine administration putting you in complete control but don’t worry, Evoweb Studio are always on hand to support your business every step of the way.

So what do you get?

A Typical 5 user Network Solution consistent of:

  1. 1 copy of Windows SBS Server Standard
  2. 5 user licenses
  3. 1 HP ML330* Server
  4. 5 HP* Workstations / Computers
  5. 1 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer
  6. Data Backup Solution
  7. 1 Standard Website Solution
  8. 1 HP* Network Switch
  9. 1 Wireless Router
  10. 1 Internet Firewall
  11. Companywide Antivirus Protection
  12. Sage Accounts / Payroll
  13. Installation / Configuration
  14. Pro Active Support / Monitoring

With over a decade of experience installing & maintaining SMB computer systems, we've been able to use this experience to put together a fantastic SMB Solution which offers everything you will need to grow your business. We know that no two business operate the same so although our Network Solutions come with all the functionality you could want, they are also flexible meaning we are able to build / configure the Solution to work the way you want and meeting your business demands.

So what does it cost?

About now you’re probably trying to work out what a Network Solution made up of Quality Branded Equipment, World Class Software and professionally configured and installed is going to cost? Well not as much as you may think. Due to our vast knowledge base and carefully developed Network build strategy we are able to keep labour costs down to a minimum. Our longstanding relationships with some of the biggest IT Distributers in the UK gives us a great buying power enabling us to pass on huge savings.

You could have a complete SMB Network Solution, Company Website & Online Marketing Strategy, backed by Aberdeenshire’s Leading IT & Web Solution Professionals from as little as £8000*, now I bet you weren’t expecting that?

To Discuss our SMB Network Solutions or any of your other IT or Web requirements don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01467 207 007...