A crucial part of any good marketing campaign is brand; one of the most important factors in achieving this is your LOGO. From a LOGO people can not only know who you are but also what it is your business does. A great LOGO can be the starting point for strong brand awareness.

The importance of a LOGO should never be underestimated, getting it wrong can have the negative effect of turning potential customers away the moment they see it, however getting it right could have customers queuing up for your products / services. Getting your LOGO right can build brand awareness with ease. A good LOGO can make people think they have heard of your business even if they have not, it can make you business appear larger than it perhaps is & has the power to take your business to new heights.

In addition to our website design services, we also offer LOGO design. Whether it is a new LOGO incorporating colour schemes of your choosing, a particular image, shape or photograph, or maybe just refreshing your old LOGO / BRAND. Whatever your LOGO requirement Evoweb Studio can meet your demands.

Our fees for LOGO Design are simple, £250.

For this we will come up with several LOGO designs. Once you have chosen the final design we can supply this in various digital formats suitable for all types of use whether it be Printing or Digital.

Our LOGO Design Service is open to anyone, you don’t need to purchase any of our other services to afford the benefit of our skilled brand design team.

Give us a call today & give your business the image it deserves - 01467 207 007