Green X Code

Project Details

  • Website Hosting
  • Wordpress
  • Website Design / Custom Wordpress Theme
  • Adsense Integration
  • Analytics

We were approached by Green X Code to help them implement a website where they could engage with other likeminded people on the advantages of renewable energy. A place where you could share stories (triumphs & disasters) and spread the word about all the benefits of renewable energy.

We decided on a Blog style solution as this was best geared towards their route to market - engaging with the audience. They want to really sell the idea of renewable energy so have created a custom theme to truly deliver that feeling of Nature & Green Living. Their only form of income will be through sponsored advertising, so we have also created prominent marketing containers, which will give maximum visual impact, without taking the attention away from the real aim of the website.

Today’s financial climate has encouraged everyone to take stock of their current financial position, making savings or cuts wherever we can. What many people are unaware of are the financial benefits of renewable energy.

If you want to help ensure the survival of the planet, providing a more promising future for your children’s children, and get paid for it too then is for you.

The financial benefits of using renewable energy sources are now seen by the industry’s leading money experts to be in the top 5 investments outranking things like the common ISA. With renewable energy you not only get your fuel (Gas, Electric etc) for free but you will get paid for any excess fuel you produce doubling the reward.